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Oh How I Missed You Meat

Juicy Empanadas

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Feliz Dia de las Mujeres

Celebrating Women

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Today was Women's day. We walked along la Avenida de Mayo from the Congress to La Casa Rosada and witnessed rallies fighting to extend the rights of women: from legalizing abortion to preventing violence against women. Thousands of University students marched waving flags and banners. You could hear a group of students chanting "Si la Papa Fuera Mujer, el Aborto sera un Ley" and see protester from all political creeds. In the center they had a very eloquent women speaking on the steps of La Plaza de Mayo. It was beautiful politically active day.


The guys celebrated by buying our friend Mariel flowers on the street. To all women - Happy Women's Day.

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The Legacy of Chavez

Propaganda in BA

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I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty of the political situation of Latin America, but the death of Hugo Chavez is a BIG DEAL and you can see posters all over the city venerating him and engaging in satire. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the current political sentiment is in favor of Chavez, but many people are not as sympathetic towards him.

His death can be felt throughout the city. On every poster and newspaper.

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Paint the Walls

Urban Graffiti in BA

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What's New Buenos Aires?

By Daylight and by Night

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What's New Buenos Aires?!

For the first few days we're staying at a Hotel Bauer. Its a former high-class hotel that went bankrupt in the economic recession and opened up as a collective hotel owned by the people who work there. It's pretty nice. Right now they're hosting a Latin American Tattoo artist expo at Hotel Bauer. I've never seen so many interact ink sleeves and piercings. The lobbies were always bustling with Argentinan punk rockers and leather heads. Its a pretty unique hotel experience.

Its the perfect location only blocks away from the Congresso and the Avenida de Mayo,running down in presidential procession to Plaza and La Casa Rosada. On the first night we wandered the main congressional district, took photos of the illuminated buildings, and enjoyed our first alfajores on a park bench. We'd just arrived, but we wanted to walk around the neighborhood on our first night!

By Daylight it was even more beautiful.


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