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Visiting Colleges around Trichy

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We visited two colleges - a mixed college and an all girls college.

At the mixed college we talked to young english literature students our age who were interested to hear what our country was like. We talked of Shakespeare and Jane Austen, but they had trouble speaking english in broken tongue. One of the guys asked me if I wrote poetry. I laughed - sometimes. He asked if I could write him a love poem - so I scrawled out a few short verses and signed it. He was beaming. We all took photographs together and headed over to the girls math college for lunch.

The all girls college was a much different vibe. We were in a giant gymnasium with rowed chairs and a giant stage. All the girls would crowd around us giggling. As if a 3:33 guy to girl ratio on this trip wasn't enough! There were literally hundreds of girls. Some of them preformed more traditional dances while a few of them preformed a dark mime skit to blaring music. It was quite the experience.

At the end they invited us on stage to preform along with them. I went all in and danced wildly front and center stage. Everyone was cheering for us. In return, we had to preform something. We looked around and decided. We're singing Ain't No Mountain High. It was a struggle, but we had a lot of fun - even if it was off tune!

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Mobile Polio Intervention

Global Health in Action

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It's Trichy

Snapshots from Tiruchirappalli

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Leaping through Plantain Fields

Our Rural Site Visit

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For our rural visit we split up into vans to visit different craftsmen in the surrounding villages.

We visited a pot-maker and his family in a rural neighborhood. Within the course of our hour long conversation with him he stepped on the clay, spun the wheel, shaped six pots, and set them out in the sun to dry. Although there were some occupational hazards: exposure to smoke when baking pots, sedentary lifestyle bent over the wheel, and daily exposure to the hot burning sun, him and his family were relatively happy!

We then visited a bone-setting clinic. May of these people had their bones set and paid to stay on a small cot there for weeks while they healed. I walked around to the cots and spoke with them with the help of one of the translators who was traveling with us. It was just nice to talk to them and help them pass the time in such a depressing ward.

Our last visit was at a loom where a man was weaving a tapestry. Nearby there were plantain fields. Dan, Danielle, and I broke away from the group leaping over the plantain field trenches to talk to a farmer who was hoeing away carving the trenches. We had difficulty communcating, but through sign language he was able to explain his job. He picked us a few plantains and took us to meet his wife and kids on the other side of the field. We raced back late with his children stumbling and laughing.

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Neighborhood Day in Trichy

Flowers, Coconuts, Chalk Patterns, and Elephants

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Tiruchirappalli is a bustling city locate near a few rural areas in Tamil Nadu. It's a beautiful city - less crowded and smoggy than Chennai - with a lot more vibrant culture and neighborhood life. We were off on our rural visit.

The first day we arrived early morning and were dropped off near a colorful little alleyway crowded with people; our rural coordinator's neighborhood. We were greeted by an old female elephant decorated in bells and colorful tapestries. She was beautiful, but looked a little old and tired. All along the street people had chalked calums. Its a practice here in South India where women sprinkle rice powder in the morning to feed the ants and ward of the evil spirits. But these calums were elaborate with different colors and intricate designs. They were having a neighborhood competition and our professors were the judges. We walked up and down the street speaking to adults and children. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

At the end of the streets they had fresh coconut juice waiting for us and cooking lessons. It was one of the most open-hearted displays of love and affection between strangers. We sprinkled thank you in rice dust as a small token of our thanks. It was one of my favorite moments here in India.


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