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March 2013

Struggles Blogging

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It's hard to keep updating a blog when the city keeps calling you back..
There's so much happening in Buenos Aires, this city is so full of life.

I'll try to catch everyone up on my rural visit.


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Beefe the Chorizo


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Restaurant Brethalyzer

Public Health Interventions in Action

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We should definitely have these in the US. It'd prevent a lot of drunk driving and traffic accidents before they happen.

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Being Tourists in BA

Open Air Bus Ride around Buenos Aires

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Salsa y Tango

Up till 4:30

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Last night, our professors hosted a Salsa and Tango night for us. We went to a open dance and lesson at the Armenian Embassy. Salsa was lively, but Tango was so deeply musical and moving. We floated around the floor like dancers underwater.


We left the Tango/Salsa bar by midnight. When everyone went to sleep Mariel and I stayed out till 4:30 at a dance club called Goa La France. A two story dance hall packed with people. Bright flashing LED screens and a shimmering bar. People dancing on tables till the break of dawn. By the time we left it was thundering and lightening. The rain started soon after I crept into bed...

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