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April 2013

La Melodia - Joey Montana

sunny 68 °F

Es vieja, pero es buena. Y me recuerda de la playa.

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Weekend Excursion: Mar del Plata

Sol, Playa, y Arena

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This weekend we packed our bags and hit the beach with a few of our housemates.

While they went to Mar del Plata early Friday morning, we didn't manage to leave until late. At the ticket counter we managed to get 2nd floor on a double-decker with full recline and complimentary sandwiches! When we arrived at the platform to board, we realized that Dan did not have his ticket with him. We scrambled thinking it might've fallen out along the way. Running to the kiosk counter to purchase another ticket last minute, a man approached us from behind. It was the ticket-master. The old man had run all the way from his counter to hand Dan his ticket before the bus departed. It was one of those random acts of kindness that reaffirms your faith in humanity.

We arrived to the hostel around 1am and joined our friends at Stadium Club along the water. It was a beautiful night full of silver sparklers and loud music.

Saturday we passed the entire day along the beach walking and talking. It was freezing cold for swimming. And of course the one thing I forgot to bring - a sweater. A few of us bought mates from a vendor on the street. I bought some yerba. And over the sound of the waves, we sipped hot mate warming our cold bones. We feilt like true Argentineans.

Wandering back, we ran into a presentation for Argentina Corre, which combined the awards ceremony for the recent marathon with a latin-rock concert and fashion show. It was great to cheer for the band, the runners, and the beautiful models. One of our housemates pushed his way right in front of the catwalk so he could cheer really loudly as the models walked by. We happened upon it by chance, but it was a fun way to pass the evening.

Another chance moment. We were at a liquor store buying wine for the evening and speaking english. An American student from Chicago teaching in Mar del Plata came up to us and asked us where we were from. We invited him back to the hostel and we ended up celebrating and early St.Patricks day together. Had a few beers at an Irish pub. At the club we struggled to find someone for Dan to talk to - specifically someone who spoke english. When we finally happened upon a group of people who were willing to speak english, one of them turned to Dan and in his slurred speech told him: "Your English... TERRIBLE." We were all dying laughing. Walked back to the hostel as the sun was rising. It was a beautiful day.

We woke up a few hours later, walked the boardwalk, had some superpanchos, and visited the local mercado. There was a girl sitting in the park that looked so sad. In his charming way, Alex came up to her and asked her what was wrong - when she shrugged him away, he brought her a flower, handed it to her and walked away. As we were walking away I could see her lean in to smell the flower. It was touching moment.

We packed our bags and headed back to Buenos Aires. It was a short vacation on the beach, but it was worth it!

*Disclaimer: My camera on this weekend excursion, so for the next few posts few of the photos will be mine.

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MALBA Museo de Arte Latino Americano de Buenos Aires

LatinAmerican Art, Political Commentary, and Absurdity

rain 72 °F

After class I went to the MALBA with a few friends since it was free for students. They had some brilliant exhibitions, but I'll let the art speak for itself. Here were some of my favorite works.

Tarsila do Amaral (Abaporu, 1928)

Autorretrato con Chango y Loro (Frida Kahlo, 1942)

La Manana Verde (Wifredo Lam, 1943)

Manifestacion (Antonio Berni, 1934)

La Gran Tentacion (Antonio Berni, 1962)

Twisting Bench (MALBA Installation)

And there was even a film installation I truly enjoyed by Peter Fischli & David Weiss called "Der Lauf Der Dinge A" (The Way Things Go). It was one of the most amusing pieces of art I've ever seen and I was actually laughing with a crowd in a quiet museum. The analysis and film were so brilliant I've provided both below.

"The Way Things Go" is perhaps the most celebrated work of artists Fischli & Weiss. For video. They built a structure of about 30 meters with everyday objects-chairs, balloons, turkeys, shoes, ramps, tables, tires, aerosols, and made use of gravity, water and fire to produce a reaction-chain extending for half an hour. The combination of unstable and calculated natural construction, slapstick and sophisticated irony, results in a tour de force that is at once puzzling, funny, and hypnotic.

"The Way Things Go" invites many interpretations: a scathing mockery of the cause and effect relationships, the futility of progress, the transformation of energy expenditure, the seemingly arbitrary course of history, systems theory, entropy and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexistence as cosmic joke. It even has interpreted as a comment on the French Revolution and a metaphor of the transmigration of souls. Moreover, the film places the audience as attending a sequence of events that occur in one long tracking shot. Is this an objective position or ambiguous (Angel of history? God who began the world and then retired? A Witness to an Accident?). Any attempt to assign the work a grand symbolic or metaphorical sense, however, fails against the playful spirit that undermines the privileged position of the artists themselves.

Fischli & Weiss resort to simple everyday materials and adopt a skeptical attitude that manages to subvert aesthetic hierarchies. It seems that undermine the elevated status of the art object and the artist's own invention by a delusional complex mechanism, created to perform a seemingly futile task. Yet the stubborn persistence of the series of trivial events, that makes the process of self-destruction than thirty minutes; the concatenation of moments that border the disaster and modest triumphs, finally denote an unexpected faith in the sufficiency of things. This trust, combined with the mocking tone of the whole thing attenuates the melancholy "The Way Things Go" with a faltering share optimism and wonder


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Niceto: Club 69

Orientalism in Drag!

sunny 78 °F


On Thursday night we ended up going to Club69 in Niceto. It's one of the wildest drag shows I've ever been to. I did tequila shots with a Geisha. It was Oriental themed night with chinese smoking jackets, white face paint, and long nails. They brought out poles to the middle of the dance floor. There were breakdancers that interrupted the show. And we didn't get back home till around 4 am. What. a. night.


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En el Pais de No Me Acuerdo

"The Official Story" and Argentina during the Junta

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The Official Story [La Historia Official] (1986)
Oscar: Best Foreign Film 1986

For anyone who wants to understand the struggle and complicity of the Argentinean people during the Golpe de Estado (1976-1983), I highly recommend them this film.

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